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About HR 4 You

HR 4 You is an Outsourcing &  Consultancy Service for the Not for Profit & Disability Sectors, and for NDIS Service Providers.

With a focus on assisting small to medium businesses, we help you grow your business using existing staff resources and show you how to drive success and profits through sound Human Resource and Employee Engagement Practices.

Our Founder

Ken Tapfield started  HR 4 You in 2016 when he recognised a gap in the availability of specialised HR support for small to medium businesses in the Not for Profit and Disability Sectors, particularly to assist with business readiness for the NDIS changes.  

Ken is an executive in Corporate Human Resources management, leading Human Resources and Organisational Development teams across a range of diverse organisations. He has worked in the Government, Commercial and a Not for Profit sectors for over 25 years and has extensive experience in Human Resources and Management in these sectors.

In more recent times Ken has helped many businesses understand and navigate the NDIS and the subsequent impacts it will have on organisational success. He has helped businesses with the challenges of Workforce Management and the delivery of services in a competitive environment.

Our Approach

We make our approach as simple and easy as possible. We have a vision that every business can be a great place to work, even for the owner. 

As the job market continues to improve, companies need to work harder to keep employees satisfied and in their seats. Whether it’s promoting a positive work environment, enhancing benefits packages or sustaining top talent, a company’s Human Resource Practices and culture can help ensure the success of its business objectives.

We work with your business to establish your needs, provide you with solutions and help you implement sustainable and effective strategies to achieve your desired results. If you don’t yet know what you need or what desired results you should be aiming for, we can help with that too.

Our Objective

To help businesses be profitable and great places to work.

It is possible to be both profitable and a great place to work. We believe in the importance of both.

HR 4 You can create new solutions for your organisation or work to enhance your existing systems and processes in order to help you achieve this. This means we only work on what you really need.

We have worked with CEO’s and Executive Managers across many businesses and have built a strong foundation for success in these areas for Not for Profits, Disability Services and businesses working within the NDIS Service Providers framework.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.